Inside '18 — date:17-25 nov. 2018 by Dmitrii Treu

This year INSIDE provides you two high quality (street) art exhibitions: 
the annual group exhibition from affiliated The Hague Street Art artists and the Graffiti Without Gravity* exhibition with canvasses by 12 European top artists. In over 300 m2 of exhibition space you can expect more artwork and a wider variety of art than ever before. Both exhibitions are free of charge and all artworks are for sale. So come and support your local (street art) artists! 

* The ‘Graffiti without gravity’ artworks were made during a European street art competition in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). Each artist had to make a 2 x 2m canvas in just one day, inspired by space and space exploration. The winner of the competition won a ‘zero gravity flight’, which will take place on March 1st of 2019. Please note: All exhibited canvasses can be reserved but won’t be available for purchase before this date. 

Enigma Geometricks, SOGO (Sophia den Breems & Gordon Meuleman), 
Jochem ‘Jawgem’ van Aller, Erwin Verkade, Julie de Ruijter, Kisho Matsuo, Sander van Heukelom, NWay, RakeStreken, One B, Zepp van der Spek,
Sjors ‘Maedist’ Kouthoofd, Marilou Klapwijk, Patrick ‘Outliner’ Ijmkers, 
Tobias Becker Hoff, Jill ‘Shake’ Martens, William Rosewood, Serge KB, Suzanne van Soest, ANGST, Micha de Bie, RichLab, Zesta, Page33, Crail Moansburg & Ringo

Shane Sutton (Ireland), Mr Cenz (UK), Lily Brik (Spain), Welin (Denmark), Darry Perier (France), Boogie (Germany), BustArt (Switzerland), Reser (Italy), Brad Waters (UK), ONE DUO (Belgium), Arsek & Erase (Bulgaria) 
and Serge KB (NL)

A shot for fame/ the making of... by Dmitrii Treu

The idea for A shot for fame came from an addicted, homeless man standing on the streets of The Hague (NL). He stood on the same spot in the most crowded shopping street for several years. Trying to provide for his needs by drumming on a empty Coca Cola can. As he stood there almost day and night he gradually became part of the city's landscape. Everybody knew him, yet everybody ignored him. As the time went by and his health decreased his addiction prevented him from drumming and he just stood there in his usual position, sort of like a statue.