Dmitrii Treu (°1982) lives and works in Belgium. His multidisciplinary works are often inspired by pop culture, art history, anthropology and everyday life.

Picking up graffiti in 1997 led him to study fine arts at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In 2008 he moved to Belgium for studying with the city sculptors of Ghent. Seized by their technical expertise and knowledge about the old city he became more interested in art history and craftsmanship. Resulting in a third study; restoration.

This combination of interests, both in the historical and in the new, manifests in a visual language that mixes pop culture elements with aspects of a much older ancient, artistic tradition. His practice is not rooted in a discipline like illustration or painting. Treu rather chooses to start from concepts where he then finds the most fitting materials and techniques. And then translates them with the wide variety of skills that he masters or feels at ease with.

While his works originate individually he later categorizes them into ‘projects’ or themes which have often unfolded throughout the years. And -as a whole- tell a greater story about his motivations that often touch on universal, social or anthropological matters. Incorporating several layers like symbolism and referring to other works of art, which he uses as a pedestal to build upon, makes it almost into an encrypted language. Where if you read the signs and follow the leads you will find that nothing is what it seems and that everything is connected.